Senior Citizens are close to Megan and Randy's hearts.

As Megan and Randy has worked on their Real Estate Careers, it has become apparent that Senior Citizens have formed a close relationships with them. Megan and Randy would like to continue on this path of being committed to their more Senior clientele. They have made many lifelong relationships with the people they have met along the way, and  they intend to keep those personal connections now and in the future.

If you are a Senior and looking to make a lifestyle change or if you are considering downsizing, Megan and Randy know how important it is to have an honest, sincere agent who will look after your real estate needs as well as taking care of the emotional challenges that you may experience along the way.

Their goal is to be your advocate, work with you and stand up for you so that you will get the best real estate service available.

Megan and Randy are qualified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)®.

Megan and Randy have worked extensively with Senior Citizens and has successfully completed the Senior designation training of the Professional Consultants on Aging (CPCA)®.

Professional Consultants on Aging (CPCA)s® are professionals who have taken a comprehensive course about the health, social, and financial aspects of aging.

If you are considering a move or have any questions or concerns about today's Real Estate market and how it is affecting Senior Citizens, please contact The Scottage Group by clicking here and they would be delighted to respond to your inquiries either by email or by phone.