We really learned the lifelong and generational value of a cottage through our own experience, and we felt that this was something we wanted to share with others. For us, its a tradition. We had the privilege of becoming cottagers through family generations. The Scott family had been on Rice Lake for four generations before we became owners ourselves. As most stories go in cottage country, Randy’s great-grandparents and grandparents started humbly with a small cottage in the Silver leaf marina area. Our mother grew up there, and when she married our father, it was fit for them to buy a piece of land in the nearby Harbour which they manually cleared by hand and built a small cottage on it. Years passed, family expanded, and when Randy was a teen, he and his family helped his father and mother build a second addition. Today, the cottage is still there and we were blessed to have the opportunity to expand yet again, renovate, and make it our permanent home so that we can continue the tradition and pass it to down to our children.

That's 90+ years of memories and history on Rice Lake. The cottage at some point stopped being just a cottage and became much more than that to our family. It's become a family heirloom and we are so thankful for the memories. It has been truly priceless.

We know that cottages are like a second home and it takes a lot of hard work and maintenance, but somehow it doesn’t always feel like work, it's different, it’s meditating, it’s calming and the peacefulness that you get is like no other. It’s definitely a place where we are grounded, where we reconnect with nature and our family and friends. It's our piece of history and freedom from the noise, the crowds and the clutter. It gives us full serenity; it slows down time to enjoy the things that actually matter in our lives. It’s a place that words really can’t describe, until you’ve experienced it.


How many times can we recall packing up the car, after a crazy long work week with three kids (Triplets) and making the trek down the 401 on a hot summer Friday evening. It can feel exhausting and sometimes you can even question why you’re doing it, but once you get there and the bags are dropped at the front door, the kids run inside and you're greeted with the earthy scent, you start to feel the sense of relief that overcomes you. What I mean is that everything starts to slows down, and there is nothing better than the cottage life to reconnect with our family. It's our meeting place! Where the T.V., cell phone, video games or any technology doesn't seem interesting anymore because we're too busy planning our activities for the weekend. With the lake in full view and the warm evening sun on your skin our first thoughts are… Do we want to have a fire tonight with the kids, smelling the burning wood, roasting marshmallows, and making s’mores. When the children go to sleep we can have our alone time, listen to music on a calm night while looking out at the stars. How about the next morning, do we want to take 30 minutes out to just relax and read a book on the dock in your PJ's? Listen to the sound of the water? Watch the birds in our Muskoka chairs? How about going Fishing, Kayaking, swimming, watering skiing or Paddle boating that day? Our weekend tradition with the kids was to always take time out to visit some of the local marinas and towns for a tasty Ice cream.

It isn’t just about the summer’s either, it’s about the winters too. You learn to enjoy all seasons. Appreciate the beauty of the fresh snowfall, while you sit by the fireplace in your fuzzy socks sipping warm hot chocolate. How about Ice fishing, Skidooing, Ice skating or playing a game of pick-up hockey on the frozen Lake. Christmas with the family at the cottage is always something to look forward to as well. Decorating the cottage with cute trinkets you've found from vintage shops in the small towns and villages. Preparing for the hustle and bustling and the excitement leading to the day you get to see your friends and family.
The Scottage Group believes in the core value of family unity. Having experienced what the cottage life has done for us in our lives we are confident that others can achieve the same thing. Let us make this happen for you! In this fast-paced world, we don't seem to have much time for anything anymore, a cottage, a lake house or a home is a worthwhile investment where we can stop and smell the roses, make the time for what’s important, and gives you returns beyond your imagination.

Let us help you believe in your dreams! Call us at 647-232-7743 and let us show you how easy it is.