Calm and easy-going demeanour but loves to get straight to the point. Licensed real estate agent and CFO in the automotive sector. Committed to using strong financial knowledge and analytical skills to help their clients. Loving father of “triplets” and dedicated husband to Megan. Randy has a passion for sports, especially hockey and fishing!


In 1986 I started my career in accounting and have been working in different accounting roles for over 36 years. Currently, I am the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) which has given me the opportunity to learn how to excel in a fast-paced and challenging environment. When I started seeing the passion that drove Megan, I began to take an interest in real estate. I felt that it would be something we could share together as well as working together to guide others in buying and selling real estate. Eventually, it was a natural step for me to obtain my real estate license. This way, our clients are well taken care of and I am able to support the Scottage Group’s growing business.


My wealth of knowledge, business experience and the strong financial foundation has allowed me to contribute to the Scottage Group’s real estate team meaningfully. My leadership roles have trained me to speak to clients and look after their needs confidently. I am eager to teach and guide new clients. I notice that the biggest obstacle in real estate is that many potential clients may become discouraged when thinking about owning because of the financial piece. Others can become so overwhelmed just thinking about the numbers. What they might not realize is how many options are available and many times it can be cheaper to own than rent. I can help you see how your short-term goals can work with your long-term goals and get you thinking of the big picture. Whatever you are looking for, after a quick chat, I am confident I can give you solid options on what the best course of action is to take next. Choosing an expert cottage real estate agent is a crucial decision for a vacation home, second property, investment, or your next home you plan to retire in, which will also require a strategic financial move. Allow me to guide you so you can achieve your dream cottage.


I will leverage my own personal experience of being a long-time local resident and cottager on Rice Lake. We have the intimate knowledge necessary to help you make sound judgments regarding properties on the lake. Whatever your dream is whether it's on Rice Lake or any other lake (buying your first home, a cottage or vacation home, your retirement dream home, vacant land to build, or an investment property) we will find you something that suits your lifestyle. We understand that buying in the country is an entirely different experience and process than buying in the city, it requires an expert agent asking the right questions. I invite you to reach out to us so the Scottage Group can help you materialize your dream! Call now at 647-232-7743