As active members of the community, Megan and Randy feel that it is important to give back. To them, giving back or paying it forward means helping those who are less fortunate and or those who really need our help and support. As strong role models to their children and community, Megan and Randy get real satisfaction in helping out and getting involved in different programs. To them, charity is more than money; it is a commitment to give something of yourself to benefit others.

Megan and Randy work closely with the people in their immediate community. Megan was the Co-Chairperson on the School Advisory Council for many years; she also supports the Girls and Boys Mississauga Hockey League, Boys and Girls Club of Canada, Children's Aid, Salvation Army and gives blood at the Canadian Red Cross blood bank wherever possible.

Some of the larger programs that Megan and Randy are passionate about and shows their commitment through donations of money and time to are:

Red Day - Keller Williams

A day to give back to people in our local communities

Red Day 

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A group that helps raise funds to support Parkinson's Disease research and provide care for Parkinson's patients and their families.

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NAVACUP - Boys and Girls Club of East Scarborough

This very important group helps raise funds to provide laptops to kids who do not have access to computers at home. In today's technologically advanced society, kids need these resources to truly succeed in school.

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Megan and Randy's family donates their Christmas Tree to the City of Mississauga to be displayed as the Official Tree in Celebration Square

The Scott Family Donated this Christmas Tree to the City of Mississauga for Celebration Square

Cutting Down the Christmas Tree for the City of Mississauga's Celebration Square

The Final Chapter of our Christmas Tree Story and the Lighting of the Tree

The Scott Family and Mayor Bonnie Crombie