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We really learned the lifelong and generational value of a cottage through our own experience, and we felt that this was something we wanted to share with others. For us, its a tradition. We had the privilege of becoming cottagers through family generations. The Scott family had been on Rice Lake for four generations before we became owners ourselves. As most stories go in cottage country, Randy's great-grandparents and grandparents started humbly with a small cottage in the Silver leaf marina area. Our mother grew up there, and when she married our father, it was fit for them to buy a piece of land in the nearby Harbour which they manually cleared by hand and built a small cottage on it. Years passed, family expanded, and when Randy was a teen, he and his family helped his father and mother build a second addition.




During an open house in our neighbourhood, we had the absolute pleasure and lucky chance to meet Megan Scott. She is an absolute GEM! I experienced something completely different with Megan than with any other real estate agent. To give you some context, I had previously dealt with two other real estate agents, who I thought did their job or what I felt a real estate agent should do (book viewings, answer some questions and help you with the close, etc. very basic things). To be honest, with those past home purchases I can’t really say that I bought with confidence or with ease, and the reality is I felt I did most of the legwork in the process. It’s no wonder that some tell me that they hold reservations against real estate agents! With Megan, it was literally comparing NIGHT and DAY. She is an expert when it comes to Mississauga and she knows this city from the inside out, but her expertise goes beyond Mississauga. She does her research, comes well prepared to any meeting she has with you, and she will get to know YOU and YOUR needs. I actually learned more about myself, about my tastes and about my preferences with her. I finally understood more in detail about the buying and selling process and the options I had available. Throughout the prospecting process, she was extremely attentive, proactive, and responsive. She was like a friend, always there, and I knew that whatever question I had I could trust that she would give me an honest answer and that she would have my best interest. She also never seemed to rush to give me time to chat. When my fiancé and I finally settled on buying, I would say that her talent truly shines (as if she wasn’t already a rockstar!). She is a strong negotiator. She will ensure you get the BEST out of the close. Additionally, she has built a strong network of industry professionals (brokers, financial advisors, lawyers, etc.) to help you with buying/selling process so you don't feel at a loss or overwhelmed. But, I think what really won me over with Megan is her kind and HONEST personality. I can’t say how much I appreciated that. Needless to say, I have only praise for Megan!! She is an excellent choice and we are still doing business for both personal and investment properties.


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